Sunday, 10 May 2009

University, round 2

Inhabitants of this house:

Neil Henderson: Junior, Knowledge; LTW: Mad Scientist
(6 neat, 3 shy, 6 active, 4 serious, 6 nice)

Sophie Miguel: Junior, Fortune; LTW: TOC architecture
(6 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy)
Malcom Foster:
Freshman, Knowledge; LTW: Mad scientist
(6 neat, 3 shy, 6 active, 4 serious, 6 nice)

Ellie: Since there's nobody living in the Henderson house this round, we're heading right to uni to catch up with Neil and Sophie. Oh, looks like Malcom just arrived as well. Hello Malcom.

Sophie: Hi, looks like I'll be talking to you again, since the Neil is busy studying and Malcom is way too shy. Andway. First thing Neil did when Malcom arrived was pull me aside and tell me to be nice to the boy. Seems like he's had a rough childhood, with a vampire mother who's a bit of a slut.

I can't believe he's gay. That boy is hot stuff, I tell you! And what girl doens't like a boy who can fix things semi-dressed.

He had huge problems finding a date though, since he's too shy to actually hit on a guy, so he paid the matchmaker. We've got the money, so worth a try, right?

She set him up with this guy named Makoto. Hmm... this is a picture from after graduation, but I can't seem to find an older one. Ah well. He works at Malcom Landgrabb's club downtown, but I know he's hating it. Who wouldn't! I doubt Landgrabb pays well.

We went on a double date downtown. It was fun, but we had to be careful not to go too far. Crumplebottom was shooting daggers at us either way. I felt like a teenager again, hiding from her like that.

She eventually left though, so we got in some private time in the hottub.

And then had some burgers. Malcom and Makoto kept to themselves so they could get to know each other better, but me and Neil were happy to socialize.

*Ahem* I've always wanted to try that. I can't believe we still have that picure though. *chuckles*

Malcom and Makoto took their relationship to the next level as well.

There was generally lots of love in the air. Even the dormies were feeling it.

We introduced Malcom to a few secret society people and he got in.

We also had a bit of a scare when Malcom got hit by lightning while eating outside. The tables out there were removed after that. Now everyone eats inside, where it's safe.

Or... well... reasonably safe. You'd think after all these years she'd know how to cook!

The matchmaker left us a gift. Maybe for Malcom being such a good customer. In any case, it came in handy. I wished for money so that we could move out of the dorms.

Now we have our own little place. It's not much but we get a bit more privacy this way. Though we did apply for a greek charter as well so there's usually people over.

Neil finally popped the question! I almost thought that I was going to have to do it myself! Of course I said yes.

And Malcom jumped on the bandwaggon and proposed to Makoto. They've got a while left before he graduates and they can get married though.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so mean to the cafeteria chick. I can't believe I set our brand new stove on fire! I was totally out of it that week.

And then I found out why. I can't believe I got pregnant! It must have been that photobooth woohoo. Thank god we're close to graduation already and not living in the dorms anymore. It'll work out somehow.

Malcom even volunteered to grow some organic vegetables in the garden for the baby. He's so sweet!

So yeah, we had to speed up the wedding a bit. I can't believe the streaker barged in right as we were exchanging vows! That's totally inappropriate!

Wow, I never knew childbirth would be so painful! But finally our little boy was born. We named him Damian. He has both our skin and hair color, and his father's blue eyes.

Neil is a great daddy and helps take care of his son all the time. Even Malcom pitches in when we're at class.

Before we knew it, it was time to graduate. Rather than throw a huge party, we just sat together and had some lobster. Yummy!

Here we are, all grown up and ready to move back to Neil's old house. See you there!

Author's notes: Inteen + risky woohoo from ACR = YA pregnancies. Always a good way to make college life more exciting. Thankfully it happened relatively close to grauation. Sophie and Neil graduated with 4.0 GPA, SS, greek house, and most of the skills they'll need for their future careers.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Foster, round 2

Inhabitants of this house:
Celia Foster: Elder, Knowledge
Mandy Foster: Elder, Romance
Samantha Foster: Adult, Pleasure; LTW: 50 1st dates
Kevin Foster: Adult, Knowledge; LTW: Become hand of poseidon
Malcom Foster: Teen, Knowledge; LTW: Become a mad scientist
Ian Foster: Child

Ellie: Now we come to the second house this round, the Fosters. Hello Kevin, I see you've been promoted!

Kevin: Indeed! I'm finally a real biologist now! I will make it to the top of my career yet!

Ellie: So what's the rest of the family been up to?

Kevin: Mostly the same as last week. Mom is still sleeping with every man that she can manage to get into her bed.

And despite her vampirism Samantha managed to get a promotion well. That meant she ha to go to work during the day again though. Not so good for her.

Of course not everything went smoothly. I can understand this guy being angry when he came to drop off a gift only to hear his lover in bed with another. Ouch! He didn't take the gift back though, so not all was lost, according to mom. Besides, she has an uncanny way of making people forgive her. It did lead to a few stolen newspapers and kicked trashcans though.

Thankfully, her and Samantha's antics don't seem to be affecting the children. Ian's a sweet boy that likes to play with his toys like any other child.

And Malcom withdraws to his room to make pottery. That way he doesn't have to see it all.

At least Samantha's new work outfit provided some protection from the sun, though she was still very uncomfortable when she came home.

Ian's a good kid. He brings home good grades and always gets his homework done. His grandmother is very proud of both boys.

My mother does do other things than date. She likes to paint as well and has gotten quite good at it. It adds a little income to the house as well. Not that we're doing badly. Between me and Samantha we've been able to fix up the house a bit. And then there's all the date gifts that have helped.

Quicker than I'd immagined it was time for Ian's birthday. He's a handsome young man, though I'm afraid he comes after his mother. He's very interested in the opposite gender. And, surprisingly, he likes to cook. That was never something his mother was good at. Celia usually cooks for us. Or I do.

Ian Foster: Scorpio, 6 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy
Romance; LTW: Become a celebrity chef

He had a birthday party and invited the other neighbourhood teens. They had a great time, playing with the new video games he got. Even mom played a few rounds.

Of course one of Ian's top priorities was getting his first kiss. I believe this is one of his childhood friends. Don't think he's very attracted to her, but neither of them seemed to mind.

Malcom has been keeping himself busy studying and got a job because he wanted the scholarship. He made it as far up as he can as a teen. I guess the real career will have to wait.

The things Ian does to impress the girls. He'll even play chess with them, even though he doesn't really like it.

Talking about women, I'm happy to say that I've finally found someone as well. Her name is Joy and we're taking it slow, but I think things are going in the right direction. She's even hinted that she might want to have a family together one day. Well, one day better not be too far off I guess, because I'm not getting any younger.

It was pretty chaotic in the house sometimes with everyone dating. Though the dates didn't always happen at the same time. Samantha obviously had to limit hers to the evenings.

I think Malcom felt a little left out with all the dating. He hasn't found anyone he's attracted to yet. He's too shy to go out much, I guess. Plus he's confided to me that he's actually more attracted to males. That complicates the matter even more. Maybe he'll have better luck in college where there'll be more guys his own age.

Talking of, he headed off to sim state with a fair ammount of scholarships under his belt. I hear he's planning to meet up with his old friend Neil Henderson there. At least he won't be completely alone.

Well, that's it for this week. I guess it wasn't all too exciting for the most part. Who knows, maybe next week. Though actually I won't be here. Me and Joy have plans to move to our own place together. Probably my mother will come with us. She's not getting along too well with Samantha at the moment. They had a fight about a man they both dated. Strange, since he didn't seem to mean that much to either of them. But that's women for you.

Author's notes: It's interesting how little there was to write in this update. It was quite a busy week to play with all the dating. But a bit repetitive I guess.

Points for this round: None

Ferguson round 2

Inhabitants of this house:
Edward Ferguson: Elder, Knowledge; LTW: some career that's not happening
Melissa Ferguson: Adult, Family; LTW: 6 grandkids
Abigale Ferguson: Adult, Family; LTW: Golden Anniversary
Brian Ferguson: Child
Lenny Ferguson: Child

Ellie: Well, here we are with another week's update. We'll hop right along to the Fergusons since Neil Henderson is off at uni. Hello again Fergusons. How was your week?

Melissa: Oh actually it wasn't very exciting for the most part. Me and Abby continued to rise up the ranks in politics. We made some good decisions at work too. First I got a bonus for helping to restore a public park.

Since we were politicians and all, it only seemed appropriate for us to send our kids to the best school we could find. With our double income, money isn't a problem. And we've done a lot of work on the house to make it look nice. They were accepted immediately.

It paid off very quickly, because soon after they started bringing home stellar reportcards.

Not that they liked school enough to be sad about getting a day off. On the contrary. They spent all day playing in the snow and, if you can believe it, at the chess table. Brian's getting quite good at it.

Abby wasn't to be left behind when it comes to good political decisions. She made sure that no harm was done to the canarys, even if there might have been money to be made. Not that we need it anyway.

Edward spent most of his time studying. Sometimes so long that he didn't even reallize how late it was getting. At least he's become a masterful cook though. He makes a mean lobster thermidor, though we seldom splurge on stuff like that.

Me and Abby hopped onto the chess bandwaggon as well. It's a good way to keep those grey cells
working. And fun to boot, once you get the hang of it. All the more because we're about evenly matched.

That's pretty much how the week went until the weekend. School for the boys and work and skilling for the adults. Until on friday night it was time for them to have their 13th birthday. I can't believe they're teenagers already! I'll be a grandma sooner than I'd hoped at this pace!

Ellie: Whoa, don't get ahead of yourself. They're not even ready to go to college yet!

Melissa: I know. But still! This time we threw them a birthday party since they were old enough to remember it now. Sadly enough we didn't know too many teenagers to invite.

Here's a picture of the boys all grown up. They both decided to pursue a life of pleasure. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Not that I mind having fun, but they need to grow up and settle down at some point and have a family right?

Ellie: Methinks someone is slightly obsessive?

Melissa: Hmm? What was that?

Ellie: Nevermind. Who knows they might change their minds later. What are their goals in life anyway?

Melissa: I sure hope so. Lenny wants to design video games for a living. Brian, he just says he wants to date lots of different girls at the moment and he'll figure out the rest later.

Brian Ferguson: Taurus, 5 neat, 5 outgoing, 3 lazy, 8 playful, 4 grouchy
Pleasure; LTW: 50 first dates *sighs*

Lenny Ferguson: Taurus, 5 neat, 8 outgoing, 6 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy
Pleasure; LTW: Become a game designer

One of the first things they did that night is finish fixing up that old wreck Edward got quite a while ago. He never did get done with that himself. But the boys desperately wanted to learn how to drive.

And of course since it was the weekend and they had no school the first thing on their agenda was to head downtown to "check out the hot chicks". Seriously I don't know where we went wrong with those two. But I guess they better tell you what they got up to themselves.

Lenny: Hi lady

Brian: Hi sweetie!

Ellie: You know that I'm almost old enough to be your mother right?

Brian: Hey age is just a number baby. I don't mind mature women *wiggles eyebrows*

Ellie: Right... How about you just tell me about your other conquests instead and I'll come back to you on that offer when you're legal.

Lenny: Don't mind him, he'll come onto anything that wears a skirt and some things that don't.

Brian: Says the guy who wouldn't mind dating a boy if he's cute enough. I saw you hitting on Malcom Foster from down the street at that club we went to.

Lenny: Kinda steep coming from the guy who was all over that blonde. Too bad she was having none of it *laughs*. But nah, I'm not interested in him. He's too much of a geek. But hey, what can I say. I'm an equal opportunity flirt. *grins*

Brian: Yeah, the chicks downtown were kind of lame that day. Playing hard to get and all that junk. The redhead that works at the corner shoppes was kind of cute though.

Lenny: There were two redheads that work there even. This town is overrun by them. But I'm more into dark hair myself.

Brian: Since I wasn't having much luck the normal way, I decided to see whether this gypsy chick could help me get a girl. Didn't pay her much and she wasn't too thrilled, but hey a date's a date.

Brian: I ended up getting this freaky gamer chick. Totally not my thing.

Lenny: I don't know. The outfit's kind of cool. But I agree, adults are so boring sometimes.

Lenny: I had a bit more luck on the dating front. I met this girl named Meredith when she was walkign by our house one day. She's hot!

I think she likes me too because she let me kiss her. Score!

Brian: She's mean as a rattlesnake though. She totally started arguing with one of the neighbours when she was at our place. It even came to blows. I was supprised they didn't get into a full blown fistfight the way things were going. But I guess she went home before it came to that.

Brian: Oh yeah I did get my first kiss as well. With that blonde chick from the nightclub. See, she was just playing hard to get. Sometimes I don't get girls. Our date was kind of nice, but I'm definitely going to keep looking.

Brian: Lenny, on the other hand, got all sappy with his girl. They even started going steady. Awwwe how cute! Not that she ain't hot, but seriously. Next thing you know you'll be married and giving mom the grandkids she so desperately wants. I'm defintiely not going there anytime soon!

Lenny: Shush you! And keep your hands off. You can date half the town for all I care but this one's mine.

Lenny: At least she leaves me nice presents. Her family must be well off or something because that fountain probably cost a fortune. Oh well, more pocket money for me!

Lenny: Unlike Brian's dates. The best he's gotten is a bunch of sunflowers. Lame. I mean, what's a boy supposed to do with those?

Lenny: We did actually study a bit over the weekend too though. The moms want us to get scholarships and all that, so we gotta keep our grades up. Stinks, I tell you. I prefer building robots in my spare time instead. Now that's cool! Brian still likes to play chess. He's a closet geek.

Brian: I'll show you who's a geek! *Launches himself at Lenny, who ducks out of the way and runs for it*

Ellie: Awe, brotherly love! I guess we'll see those two again next week when they're ready to head off to college. Who knows, they may even grow up one day.

Author's notes:
I was falling asleep this round until the boys grew up. That saved the week. They'll be a handful to keep happy next week though, especially Brian.

Points this round:
None. I'll count the hobby plaques when they die. Easier that way.