Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Foster, round 2

Inhabitants of this house:
Celia Foster: Elder, Knowledge
Mandy Foster: Elder, Romance
Samantha Foster: Adult, Pleasure; LTW: 50 1st dates
Kevin Foster: Adult, Knowledge; LTW: Become hand of poseidon
Malcom Foster: Teen, Knowledge; LTW: Become a mad scientist
Ian Foster: Child

Ellie: Now we come to the second house this round, the Fosters. Hello Kevin, I see you've been promoted!

Kevin: Indeed! I'm finally a real biologist now! I will make it to the top of my career yet!

Ellie: So what's the rest of the family been up to?

Kevin: Mostly the same as last week. Mom is still sleeping with every man that she can manage to get into her bed.

And despite her vampirism Samantha managed to get a promotion well. That meant she ha to go to work during the day again though. Not so good for her.

Of course not everything went smoothly. I can understand this guy being angry when he came to drop off a gift only to hear his lover in bed with another. Ouch! He didn't take the gift back though, so not all was lost, according to mom. Besides, she has an uncanny way of making people forgive her. It did lead to a few stolen newspapers and kicked trashcans though.

Thankfully, her and Samantha's antics don't seem to be affecting the children. Ian's a sweet boy that likes to play with his toys like any other child.

And Malcom withdraws to his room to make pottery. That way he doesn't have to see it all.

At least Samantha's new work outfit provided some protection from the sun, though she was still very uncomfortable when she came home.

Ian's a good kid. He brings home good grades and always gets his homework done. His grandmother is very proud of both boys.

My mother does do other things than date. She likes to paint as well and has gotten quite good at it. It adds a little income to the house as well. Not that we're doing badly. Between me and Samantha we've been able to fix up the house a bit. And then there's all the date gifts that have helped.

Quicker than I'd immagined it was time for Ian's birthday. He's a handsome young man, though I'm afraid he comes after his mother. He's very interested in the opposite gender. And, surprisingly, he likes to cook. That was never something his mother was good at. Celia usually cooks for us. Or I do.

Ian Foster: Scorpio, 6 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 3 serious, 3 grouchy
Romance; LTW: Become a celebrity chef

He had a birthday party and invited the other neighbourhood teens. They had a great time, playing with the new video games he got. Even mom played a few rounds.

Of course one of Ian's top priorities was getting his first kiss. I believe this is one of his childhood friends. Don't think he's very attracted to her, but neither of them seemed to mind.

Malcom has been keeping himself busy studying and got a job because he wanted the scholarship. He made it as far up as he can as a teen. I guess the real career will have to wait.

The things Ian does to impress the girls. He'll even play chess with them, even though he doesn't really like it.

Talking about women, I'm happy to say that I've finally found someone as well. Her name is Joy and we're taking it slow, but I think things are going in the right direction. She's even hinted that she might want to have a family together one day. Well, one day better not be too far off I guess, because I'm not getting any younger.

It was pretty chaotic in the house sometimes with everyone dating. Though the dates didn't always happen at the same time. Samantha obviously had to limit hers to the evenings.

I think Malcom felt a little left out with all the dating. He hasn't found anyone he's attracted to yet. He's too shy to go out much, I guess. Plus he's confided to me that he's actually more attracted to males. That complicates the matter even more. Maybe he'll have better luck in college where there'll be more guys his own age.

Talking of, he headed off to sim state with a fair ammount of scholarships under his belt. I hear he's planning to meet up with his old friend Neil Henderson there. At least he won't be completely alone.

Well, that's it for this week. I guess it wasn't all too exciting for the most part. Who knows, maybe next week. Though actually I won't be here. Me and Joy have plans to move to our own place together. Probably my mother will come with us. She's not getting along too well with Samantha at the moment. They had a fight about a man they both dated. Strange, since he didn't seem to mean that much to either of them. But that's women for you.

Author's notes: It's interesting how little there was to write in this update. It was quite a busy week to play with all the dating. But a bit repetitive I guess.

Points for this round: None

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