Monday, 22 December 2008

Introducing the Fergusons

Ellie: Hello Mr. Ferguson.

Edward: Oh, you must be the researcher girl right?

Ellie: Word sure does spread fast in this town doesn't it.

Edward: There isn't much else to gossip about I guess

Ellie: True that. Well, since you alreay know who I am, how about you introduce yourself and your family?

Edward: *smiles* Alrighty then. First of all, there's me, Edward Ferguson. I moved up here to enjoy my retirement a few years ago. Back then I didn't have any neighbors at all. I was hopeing that I could get some studying in in peace.

Ellie: Didn't quite turn out that way did it?

Edward: Not quite. You see a few years later my daughter moved back in with me with her family. They were having a bit of a rough time in their old town. You see, their living arrangements are a bit... unorthodox.

Ellie: Oh really?

Abigale: What my father's trying to say is, we're gay. I personally don't see the problem, but our old neighbours weren't too pleased. Let's just say we weren't the most popular family in the neighborhood. I didn't want my kids to grow up with that. So we moved up here with dad. There's a photo of me, by the way, and the little cutie I'm holding is my son Lenny.

And this is my wife Melissa with our other son, Brian. Aren't they adorable? We were really lucky to be able to adopt them both.

Ellie: Indeed!

Abigale: I wasn't too thrilled to hear that the government was planning to develop this area some more and that we were getting new neighbors. They seemed alright though. They came over the first day to say hi.

We spent most of the next few days teaching the boys all they had to know to grow up well. Between the two of us and dad it wasn't too hard, even though me and Melissa got jobs as well. We both decided to go into politics. We're hoping to improve the standing of homosexuals in society, and what better place to start than the government.

While we were away at work the boys spent most of their time playing with their blocks. They get along really great most of the time.

Ellie: Awe! Just like real brothers

Abigale: They are real brothers.

Ellie: Of course. Sorry.

Abigale: Anyway. Our career got off to a great start. Within a few days both of us were selected to be lobbyists for the sim gay union. Our job was to try and influence politicians into passing more gay-friendly laws.

I feel we've come quite a way already. We seem to not have as many problems here as we used to in our old town. This guy, Komei, even told me he thought it was great that me and Melissa had gotten married.

Way too soon, it was time for the boys to grow up. Here are photos of Lenny and Brian on their birthday.

Ellie: *eyes the pink pijamas* You sure it was a good idea to let the boy grow up without a male influence?

Abigale: It's absolutely normal for boys to like pink. Nothing wrong with it. Besides. They have my father if they want to talk to a man.

Ellie: *eyes the long hair* Positive?

Abigale: Absolutely.

Ellie: If you say so...

Abigale: Dad's been spending a lot of time painting lately. It's his newest subject of study, he says. As long as it makes him happy I'm fine with it. I just wish he'd spend more time with the boys sometimes. He's a fine babysitter, but usually just lets them play while he paints.

The boys have made up for it by finding friends at school. Brian brought this nice girl home from school with him and they played all afternoon...

And Lenny was telling us over dinner about all the new kids he'd met. I'm glad that they're adjusting to the move well.

And with the boys a bit older now, me and Melissa finally have a bit more time for ourselves as well.

Author's notes:
I'm loving this family already, and I'm so glad I decided to make the two women a couple instead of sisters. I was mostly hoping to avoid a population explosion (plus single family sims are always so miserable) but it made for a great storyline as well. Them getting into politics was pure coincidence by the way. It was the highest paying job that didn't need skills. I didn't even think of the plotline until I saw the lobbyist promotion popup.

New points:
- 5 for 5 new sims: Edward, Abigale, Melissa, Lenny and Brian

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  1. Another great family! Lenny looks like he'll be fun to play later on, outgoing and mean, a fun combination! LOL