Tuesday, 23 December 2008

University round 1

Ellie: Here we are at sim state university, where Neil Henderson and his girlfriend Sophie have completed their first two years at college. Let's go find them and see how it went.
Ellie: Hello Sophie how are you.

Sophie: Good thanks. Me and Neil just finished our sophmore year. Glad that exams are over, but at least they went well. We're both getting 4.0s. No surprise there for Neil. He's always been into studying. Me I just do it because I know I'll need good grades for my future career. I want to become a famous architect one day. Maybe then I can construct some more exciting houses around here. They all look kind of the same for now.

Ellie: To be expected from a small town, I suspect. But it's growing, at least. Any plans to add to that as well?

Sophie: You mean babies? Maybe some day. But first of all I'd like to concentrate on my career. And Neil has his studies. That'll keep us busy for a while.

Ellie: Alright then. So tell us how your first two years at college went.

Sophie: Well, when we got her we both moved into the same dorm. I decided to major in mathematics, and Neil in Physics.

Ellie: Wouldn't have been my first choices. But go on...

Sophie: One of the first things we did was get new outfits. The stuff we arrived in was pretty hideous. Well, one of the first things, really. Neil wanted to get his term paper out of the way right away. And in the meanwhile I got to know some of the other people in the dorm. They seem nice so far. And you can never have too many friends.

We did our coursework and went to class. The usual, you know. And then there was a lot of general study time, especially for Neil. But once in a while we did make time for a date or two. We're still going strong, even if we aren't attached at the hip like some couples. I quite like it that way.

When I wasn't studying I spent a lot of time watching sports with the guys at the dorm. I've always been a bit of a tomboy, I guess. Neil's not too into it, but I made some good friends that way.

The only really exciting thing that happened was that I got abducted. No not by aliens by the secret society people. I didn't even know they existed, so I had no idea what this guy wanted from me in the middle of the night. And getting led off in handcuffs was so embarrassing! Thank god everyone else was asleep! Of course I made sure to hook up neil with the right people so he could get in as well. He's not the most social person by nature. I think it's good for him to get away from the books from time to time though.

Everything went smoothly at the dorm and everyone seemed to get along reasonably well. Except for River and Lilly. They started off on the wrong foot I guess and never did like each other. It even came to blows on one occasion. I wasn't too impressed. Beating up girls is not a gentelman's way of handling things River!

Other than that the two years went by uneventfully. Hopefully it'll be just as smooth sailing until we graduate. We might be moving off campus though next year. It's so much more peaceful, but I'll miss my friends here.

Author's notes: These two are possibly the most boring couple ever. Both spent most of their time skilling or doing schoolwork and never rolled up a single want for each others outside their dates. At least Sophie is somewhat outgoing. They've been working on the hobby plaques too to loosen things up a bit. Neil got cooking on top of the art one he already had and Sophie's pretty close on tinkering.

Points for this round:
- 1 for 1 new Sim, Sophie Miguel


  1. Sophie has a shifty look in both their woohoo pic and the first kiss pic from the earlier update. I wonder why that is... hmmm.

  2. Nice start to your prosperity. Look forward to reading some more. I love the way you chose some back stories for the sims.

  3. I like your style. I have had so many sims like them in uni, I can identify. At least they'll have lots of skills!

  4. I like your stories. Look forward to reading more.