Monday, 22 December 2008

Introducing Neil Henderson

Ellie: Hi Neil, whatcha up to?

Neil: Erm... not to be rude, but who the heck are you?

Ellie: I'm conducting a study about life in small communities and what makes them thrive or fail. So I got permission from the government to interview the people here. If you agree, that is.

Neil: Err... I guess so.

Ellie: Excellent! So why don't you introduce yourself first of all. What brought you here of all places?

Neil: Well, ok then. I'm Neil Henderson, but you know that already I guess.

Neil: And yeah, I live here all alone. Since I'm almost grown up social services decided it was ok. I guess they couldn't do much about it anyway. Originally, I moved here with my mom. But the day we got here there was some kind of freak accident with a satellite. Sim NASA sent their sincerest appologies, big accident, nothing we could do, yadda yadda. I say they messed up and just won't admit it. Satellites don't just drop out of the sky for no reason after all. One day I'll be a famous scientist and then I'll figure out exactly what happened!

Ellie: Well, there's still a long way to go before that happens. Why don't you tell us about the rest of your first week here. Hope it wasn't that tragic the whole time.

Neil: Not really. Actually, it was pretty uneventful. Some neighbors came over to say hello, but only one of them was anywhere near my age. She was cute, but pretty superficial. All she wanted to talk about was that award show that was TV on last week. Yawn!

Neil: I pretty much kept to myself for a few days after mom died and painted a lot in my free time. Well, except for school, that is.

Neil: Talking of school, I met this girl called Sophie there. She came home with me one day so I could help her with her math. I'm pretty good at math, so I said ok. She was nice.

Neil: I'm pretty good at drumming too. I got into the school band and even earned some money from it. Good thing, because money's tight and mom didn't leave me much except the house. And I can't really get a job because I don't want my grades to drop. At least I make some money off my paintings too.

Neil: Oh! *coughs* Where'd you get that photo from? *blushes*

Ellie: I have my sources...

Neil: Hmm... Ah well. I guess me and Sophie are officially dating now? I got my very first kiss too. It was awesome!

Neil: I met some other cool people too. This is Malcom Foster. He lives down the street. He really likes art as well so we got along great. He's a bit younger than me though, but that's ok.

Neil: Over the weekend I decided to try and get into private school. I didn't think I'd stand much of a chance because the house is pretty small and I don't really have much money for expensive furniture, but then I do get good grades at school.

Neil: I was surprised when the Headmaster said that he could make room for me. I guess working hard at school really paid off. Shame I never really attended for that long because I went to college pretty soon after, but it did look good on my application for sim state!

Neil: I also got myself a hobby. Yeah, I know sewing isn't very manly, but I can make a bit of money with it and it's fun. Just don't tell anybody ok?

Neil: Me and Sophie ended up going steady. She's coming to college as well, so hopefully we'll be able to spend some more time together then.

I got really into arts as well before I left. I could practically see the energy flowing from my body into the canvas. Awesome!

Neil: Well, here I am moving off to sim state. I got some stipendiums for my art and for my grades. And a big one for being an orphan. Sophie's moving there separately. I guess her family's dropping her off. See ya!

Ellie: *waves*

Author's notes:
Definitely a bit of a boring round, but that was to be expected from a lone knowledge sim. He spent most of his time skilling. Since he achieved most of what my kids usually do during their teens I sent him to college early. I didn't want to go through another round of eat, skill, date, sleep, wash, rinse, repeat.

Points for this round:
- 1 for new sim, Neil Henderson

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